Can I get help paying my Bill?

Yes, you can. Rhythm has several payment assistance options to help you keep the lights on in challenging times.

While we are eager to help, all assistance options must be requested by contacting us.
Now, let’s take a look at those options:

  • Payment Extensions: Extensions are best for customers needing a few extra days to pay their full past-due balance. A partial payment is typically required to secure the extension. Please call our Customer Care Team to explain your situation. Extensions are granted at Rhythm’s sole discretion. If granted an extension, you will be allowed extra time beyond the original due date to pay the past-due balance without interruption of service. However, disconnection notices will still be sent when applicable, and you may be assessed a 5% late fee. To request a payment extension please contact us at 1-888-774-9846.
  • Deferred Payment Plans: On a deferred payment plan, you are typically expected to make a partial payment towards the past-due balance. You will pay the rest in monthly installments along with the current monthly bills. If you agree to a deferred payment plan, you will not be able to switch to another electricity provider until your deferred payment plan along with your current balance is paid in full. 
  • Health Hardship Plans: If you are seriously ill, you may qualify for other options. Please call 1-888-7RHYTHM to discuss your situation. This initiative is made possible thanks to customer, corporate, and employee contributions.

These tools can offer flexibility, insights, and options that can help when it comes to budgeting. 

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  5. Covenant Community Capital


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