What are my Billing options with Rhythm?

I hear Rhythm offers several different billing options. Is that true?

Yes!We offer many billing options to help better meet your needs.


eBill is fast, efficient and green, saving on paper and reducing your carbon footprint by up to 20g per bill. (Seriously. We checked the math on this.) It’s a win-win-win. Enroll now.   

Pick Your Due Date: 

Most electricity bills are sent after your utility's meter read—whenever that may be— but we give you the freedom to choose your own due date. It’s all made possible with smart meters and daily-read technology. Opt in and choose the recurring due date that works for you.


Wish you could spread those higher summer bills across the rest of the year to make budgeting easier? We can make that happen.

With Average Billing, we’ll take the last 12 months of usage and provide you with an average price per month, taking measures to avoid a major true-up. One twelfth of the delta between your actual usage and estimated will be included on each month's bill. Your average bill will never be a mystery. We track it on both your bill and in your Rhythm account, so you can get a snapshot, whenever you want.


Auto Pay:

It’s smart, it’s free, and it’s easy! You have plenty of other things to worry about, so let us handle your payment. Sign up for Auto Pay and your monthly payments will be automatically deducted from bank account or credit / debit card.

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