How do I read my Rhythm Bill?

We always want to be 100% clear and upfront with you about the energy you use and what you pay.


1. Total Amount Due includes your current monthly charges, current non-electricity charges, and any previous balances.

  • Your payment due date is also shown here.

  • If you have signed up for Auto Pay, this area will also show the date for your next scheduled payment.


2. Account Overview provides key details related to your service, including:

  • Service address - the location where we supply power for this account, and for which you’re being billed. Note: This may be different from your mailing address.

  • ESI ID (Electric Service Identifier) - it's a unique number that represents your electric meter’s location to the electricity grid.

  • Account Number - it's your unique ID number in the Rhythm system. We use this number to keep track of your energy usage and billing for this service address.


3. Usage History gives you a view of:

  • Service Address Usage - This is the amount of energy used at the service location for the billing period. Energy used is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) - a unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (1 kW) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time.

  • Meter - This number is the identification number attached to your service location’s meter — it is kind of like the serial number for a piece of hardware.

  • Multiplier - This is the number by which your meter data must be multiplied to get your actual energy consumption.

  • Current Meter Read - This is the meter reading for this account as of the end of your most recent billing cycle.  

  • Previous Meter Read - This is the meter reading for this account as of the end of your previous billing cycle. We include it so you have this data available for comparison. 

  • Your Usage History also provides a chart that shows you how your monthly bill has trended over time. You can use this chart to track fluctuations in usage.


4. Your Rewards are our way of saying thank you! The Rhythm Rewards Program lets you earn points for doing the things that help us become a better, more sustainable company. And every reward point can translate into money off your bill. For more information, visit 


5. Agreement Details gives you a snapshot of your agreement with Rhythm, including your contract start and end dates, your plan name, your contract rate (the standard rate you pay per kWh of electricity you use) and the average price you paid for electrical service in the billing period (this rate includes all fixed and variable charges).


6. Current Charges gives you an itemized list of the electric bill costs.

Under Electric Service you will find:

  • Energy Charge - The amount of electricity used in kWh multiplied by the price you pay per kWh. If you are on a fixed rate with Rhythm, this should match your contract rate.

  • TDU Delivery Charges - These charges pays for the maintenance of the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your home and for the meters that measure it. The TDU delivery rates are regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Under Sales and Gross Receipt Taxes

  • Sales Tax - This is the amount collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as the state, cities and special purpose districts.

  • Miscellaneous Gross Tax Receipts Tax Reimbursement - This fee is assessed to recover the miscellaneous gross receipts tax imposed on certain cities.

  • PUC Assessment - The PUC Assessment is a fee assessed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). It covers the cost of the administration of the PUC Regulatory Act.

These items are summed up and shown as Total Current Charges. 


7. Payments and Adjustments summarizes any recent payments, credits and outstanding balances.


8. Total Amount Due includes your current monthly charges, current non-electricity charges, payments, rewards redemptions and any previous balances.  


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