How can I report or get information on a power outage?

The TDSP (utility) company is responsible for the electricity that runs to your home through the poles and wires. If the power is out (because of a storm or power line maintenance, etc.), your utility is the best point of contact.:

  • Oncor Electric Delivery (Dallas, Fort Worth, etc.): 1-888-313-4747  - Outage Map
  • Texas-New Mexico Power (Texas City, Glen Rose, etc.): 1-888-866-7456 - Outage Map
  • CenterPoint Energy (Houston, etc.): 1-800-332-7143 - Outage Map
  • AEP Texas Central Company or AEP Texas North Company (Corpus Christi, Abilene, etc.) - 1-866-223-8508 - Outage Map

The outage map links above can save you a call if the outage in your area has already been reported.

We also highly recommend signing up for outage text alerts if your utility offers them.


Finally, if you are experiencing an outage and your bill is past due, please double-check that a disconnection notice hasn't expired. If that has happened, it will require a reconnect and you'll need to contact Rhythm at 1-888-774-9846 to get power restored.

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