Will Rhythm purchase my excess solar electricity?


Rhythm’s distributed renewable generation buyback program incentivizes customers with solar panels.

Solar panels provide a way for customers to produce their own energy and sell their excess electricity back to the grid through net metering. This is commonly referred to as a solar buyback.

For Rhythm's Solar Buyback Plans, Rhythm will look at how much electricity the customer used (electricity for which the customer pays Rhythm), and then deduct the credit for surplus generation (electricity for which Rhythm credits the customer). Our solar buyback plan credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed for Rhythm bill credits, but can be rolled over each month.

The export rate for the solar buyback credits will be different than your energy rate, but these credits can be used toward electric bills, the base charge, TDSP charges, and taxes. They can’t be used toward non-commodity charges.

 Solar Buyback Credits can only be used for Energy Charges for the meter that they were received on.

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How to Qualify?

  1. Customer must have solar panels installed on your home.
  2. Customer must be a resident in a deregulated part of Texas.
  3. Customer must have an Interconnection Agreement in place with their utility and have Permission to Operate.
  4. Customer must contact Rhythm Customer Care to be enrolled in Rhythm's distributed renewable generation buy-back program.

Excess electricity/surplus generation is defined as any amount of energy produced that your home does not use, is pushed back to the electric grid, and read by the transmission and distribution provider.

Enrollment in Rhythm's distributed renewable generation buyback program is on a go-forward basis. 

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