Winter Storm Impact


Q: With the storms in February 2021, will there be electricity rate hikes at Rhythm?

A: No. While the energy industry in Texas saw huge fluctuations in wholesale energy prices last week, Rhythm’s fixed-rate plans protect you from these price swings. Our fixed-rate plans aren’t tied to real-time market prices, so you will not see any changes to your energy rates.

Q: Should I expect a huge electricity bill because of the winter weather?


A: Three things to know:
1) Rhythm offers fixed-rate plans. That means your energy rate is locked in.

2) You will be billed for electricity you use during your specific billing period. Remember - since the weather has been colder, you may have used more electricity to warm your home (especially if you have electric heating). This usage will be reflected in your bill.

3) If you were impacted by power outages, you will not be billed for the time you were without power.

Q: How has Rhythm been impacted by the February storms?

A: At Rhythm, our business remains stable despite the recent weather events. We will continue to proudly serve all our Texas customers.




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